About Indoluwe


Indoluwe was born in Sierra Leone, West Africa where all his musical adventure started. He moved to Europe at the age of 20, where he continue to work as a professional Singer / Songwriter. His music is unique with a diverse style such as Pop, Afro-pop, Reggae and Hip-hop.

In 2016 Indoluwe brought out his album title “Watcher”, which contains eleven songs and featured two artists under his own recording label called “BANTA SOUND”. In 2018 he started working on his second upcoming studio album with his band which will be coming out soon.

The first single from his upcoming album is call “Immigrant”. “Immigrant” is an acoustic pop song, it explains the issues such as migration, political unrest and humanitarian. The citizens of this world have been brutally bruise, emotionally abuse stranded, provoke, children have been taking away from their parents and women have been rape.

Watch out for my upcoming album.